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About Nikolo Brega


NIKOLO BREGA is a wooden handmade eyewear brand created by Nikoloz Bregadze, who is a top Georgian designer, NIKOLO BREGA started in 2017, and by this time brands, the Authentic design of the sunglasses is very popular in the eyewear industry.

Our mission:

Our mission is to craft unique eyewear for all kind of people, we in NIKOLO BREGA believe in the quality of our product, so because of that, we are working hard to deliver our best works to people who are getting inspired by our brand.

Our Story about entering eyewear industy:

First NIkoloz was inspired by drawing some glasses for himself because, at that time he wanted to have something special that was different from other eyewear products on the market, after successful drawing, he designed his own type of sunglasses that were unique and beautiful.

From the day Nikoloz started wearing glasses, everybody started asking him questions and giving compliments about sunglasses and he really got motivated and inspired to keep working for other people who are searching for something non-ordinary on the market that will make them feel comfortable and outstanding from other people.

Who you serve:

For us, in NIKOLO BREGA there is no who, we serve all types of people no matter what, we even can make eyewear for your pets, here is a new era of stylish eyewear from NIKOLO BREGA.

What we are offering to your customers:

We are offering high-quality handcrafted eyewear that is made of the walnut tree and is magically lightweight, products what we are offering to our customers are non-toxic high, quality & vegan friendly, besides, all glasses have a unique number written on the silver logo that indicates that the model you are owning is unique and one of its kind.

Where are we located

Tbilisi, Georgia. 50 Irakli Abashidze Street.

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